Cnaani Yael


1947 Born in Israel 

Lives and works in Kibbutz Cabri, Israel  


1970-1972         Movement Notation, Movement and Composition with Noa Aeshkol 
                            Feldenkrais Technique with Moshe Feldenkrais, The Kibbutzim Seminar, Tel-Aviv 

1973-1989         Movement and Movement Notation in the Noa Aeshkol group, The Kibbutzim Seminar, Tel-Aviv

1986-87             Painting and Sculpture, The "Midrasha" School of Art, Ramat-Hasharon

1987                   Movement course with Prof. Amos Hetz and Ms. Lisa Nelson, The Rubin Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem

1988                   Movement and belly dance course with Prof. Amos Hetz, The Rubin Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem

1990                   Independent study in Painting, New York

2000                   Movement workshop with Prof. Amos Hetz, Berlin

2001                   Movement and Movement Notation workshop with Prof. Amos Hetz, Langnau, Switzerland 



Professional and teaching experience 

1974-76             Movement classes, The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

1980                   Movement classes, The Kibbutz Theater Group

1974-85             Movement classes, kibbutz Cabri High school

1975-2000         Feldenkrais Technique for adults, Kibbutz Cabri

1975-1996         Movement Notation, Movement, Composition and Improvisation, The Matte Asher Ensemble 

2001                   “Voice and Movement”, Summer Course with the opera singer, Esti Kenan – Ofri, Bikurei Ha'Etim Dance center, Tel-Aviv 
1991-today        Movement, Composition and Methodic, The Movement Department, The Rubin Academy of Music and Dance, Jerusalem 

1992                   The Movement and Dance Departments Project, Israel Festival, Israel Museum

1995-today        Movement and Composition, Bikurei Ha'Etim Dance center, Tel-Aviv

2002-today        Movement and Composition, Tnouot Center for Dance, Haifa

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