Accessibility Statement



Accessibility Statement


In today’s world, where the internet servesa many aspects of daily life for a vast number of people, it is crucial to make every website accessible to ensure a comfortable browsing experience. There are individuals for whom using websites can be difficult or even impossible due to various disabilities. As a result, we make every effort to promote and provide accessibility for all. Our vision is that every person should have the easiest way to navigate the internet, and we are here to assist.


How Does Website Accessibility Work?

On this website, we have integrated an accessibility plugin by Equality. This plugin allows users to choose from various viewing and browsing options for a more comfortable experience. Our website has been adapted for accessibility according to Israeli Standard 5568 at the AA level and the international WCAG2.0 document.

It is recommended to browse this site in the chrome browser.


Clicking on the accessibility plugin icon opens the accessibility menu. You can easily and quickly navigate the site using the keyboard by clicking the “Keyboard Navigation” button in the menu and using the following keys:

– Press “B” to navigate between buttons.

– Press “F” to navigate between forms.

– Press “H” to navigate between headings.

– Press “M” to navigate between menus.

– Press “G” to navigate between images.


Encountered a Problem?

If you couldn’t find the content you were looking for on our website or need assistance, you can press “F4” to open a window to leave your contact details. Please leave your name and phone number, and a representative will contact you shortly. You can also click the “Emergency Button” in the plugin (located at the bottom) for quick help. When using a computer, click the person icon to initiate remote assistance.


Accessibility Menu

The accessibility menu offers various features, including:

– Quick navigation between main pages on the site.

– Adjusting font size on the site.

– Changing the background and text colors on the site.

– Increasing text display size.

– Adjusting text alignment (right/left/center).

– Changing header, background, and text colors.

– Enlarging the cursor and changing its color (black/white).

– High contrast mode.

– Dark contrast mode.

– High saturation mode.

– Zoom in on images.

– Removing animations and moving elements from the screen.

– Highlighting a specific element when hovering.

– Highlighting a specific element when clicking.

– Reading mode – displaying the site without images.

– Keyboard navigation – navigating between links, headings, buttons, forms, menus, and images using keyboard shortcuts.

– Screen reader – reading text on the site by clicking on the desired text.

– Microphone – voice command features.


Please Note

We make significant efforts to provide accessibility to all users of our website. However, some components on the site may not be entirely accessible. If you encounter any accessibility issues, please inform us, and we will do our best to resolve them.


Details of the Responsible Accessibility Center on the website

Name: Tavor Avrahami

Phone: 1-700-015-107



Accessibility in business:

The name of the business accessibility center: Ravit Phone: 0528011001 Email: Address: Kibbutz Kaberi zip code 2512000 Floor: a two-story building, the second floor is not accessible - up the stairs Accessible door: Accessible door Services for the disabled in the complex/building: There are services for the disabled Disabled parking: There is disabled parking


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