Portfolios Exhibition


The Artist's Books Project, initiated and published by Gottesman, invites various artists to create a series of prints which are compiled in a portfolio or bound as a book.

During 2006, artists' portfolios were shown at two exhibitions - in the Israel Museum and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and during 2007 at the Ashdod Museum.  The exhibitions were accompanied by a catalogue and a film which tell the story of the Workshop, the art of etching, and the working artists.

"The publication of an artist’s portfolio requires the involvement of at least three parties: a publisher who is, in effect, the initiator, bringing together and activating the other parties involved; an artist willing to invest effort and experiment in the medium; and a workshop headed by a master-printer, ready to closely collaborate with the artist. In some instances the publisher is also the printer of the artist’s portfolio; at other times the artist himself functions as printer as well. The level of involvement and reciprocity between the three sides of this triangle produces a different portfolio each time, and each project is greatly dependent on the cooperation and trust between the artist and the printer.

Despite the differences between the artists’ portfolios featured in the exhibition (and in the web site), they have much in common. Primarily, each project is structured as a serial sequence preserving thematic, conceptual or formal contexts that a single work would not allowed; thus, the format itself demands intimate viewing".

Prof. Mordechai Omer, Director and Chief Curator, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
(From Director’s Foreword, Portfolios catalogue)

The Artists and the Books:

Elie Abrahami & Yossi Banai

Alex Kremer
Autumn Days

Danny Karavan
Foot Steps

Hila Lulu Lin
The Burden, Cabri

Jan Rauchwerger
Landscapes from Here

Yigal Ozeri
Suite Rachel
The Monfort crusader Fortress

Micha Ullman
Sand Glasses

Menashe Kadishman
Tel Aviv Roofs

Neomi Smilansky
Twelve Etchings to the Story “The Candles” by S.Y. Agnon

Print Workshop with Jim Dine

Sigalit Landau
Salt Lands

Ofer Lellouche
Ein Kerem
On the Tel Aviv Beach – Gordon swimming Pool
Nikanor Gates

Philip Rentzer
Avian Influenza

Zadok Ben-David
Between Heaven and Earth

Sharon Poliakin

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