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Print workshop with Jim Dine

25th March – 6th April 2000
Initiative of Rachel and Dov Gottesman to collaboration between them, The Cabri Workshop and The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Twelve artists gathered to a master print workshop with the American artist, Jim Dine, at the Cabri Workshop.
For 10 days they worked and created, side by side.
Their prints were collected to an art book.

The book printed in 50 copies + 13 A.P.

… “On Saturday night, the 25th of March, we gathered together to the opening plenary of the workshop. Hopes and anxieties were expressed and a daily schedule was set. The following morning the work began. In the paved tent that had been specially set up for the workshop, each artist was given a space to call his own, complete with a work table, chair, and movable wall to hang up trial proofs. This was where the artists created their plates, the printing being done in the workshop where Jim Dine had set up his work space. Work conditions were different from and even contradictory to the creative conditions of a daily life in the studio. The artists, for whom solitude is often an essential factor of their being, shared one workspace, conferring with and often drawing each other, and eating together. Evenings were spent presenting and discussing each others work. Jim Dine was one of them – near at hand, accessible, willing to give advice when it was solicited, and often a virtuoso actor in a one-men show viewed up close.” …
Meira Perry-Lehmann, senior curator of prints and drawings, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (From the "Print Workshop with Jim Dine" Artists' book).

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