Art and Brain


13th April - 15th April 2004
Joint project between: Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Cabri Workshop; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
At the three days symposium the artists learned about the scientists work and the scientists learned about the artists work.
After that, the artists were visiting the workshop in Cabri to create etchings that collected in a book.   The book printed in 88 copies; 10 A.P; 2 P.P


Prof. Meiav Ahissar
Prof. Hagai Bergmann
Prof. Hanoch Gutfreund
Prof. Peter Hillman
Prof. Shaul Hochstein
Prof. Eli Nelken
Prof. Idan Segev
Prof. Haim Sompolinski
Prof. Eilon Vaadia
Prof. Yosi Yarom
Prof. Udi Zohary


Larry Abramson
Simion Belu Faineru
Nurit David
Yaacob Dorchin
Alex Kremer
Ofer Lellouche
Hila Lulu Lin
Sharon Poliakine
Jan Rauchwerger
Gal Weinstein


… ”There are a number of common characteristics in the work of the artist and the scientist: imagination and intuition, search and experimentation, satisfaction and disappointment accompany the creative activity of both parties; both are deeply committed to their respective worlds, which demand their full devotion; both of them contemplate the world around them and represent it in models. But here is where the great difference between them begins. The scientist works within the framework of the agreed rules of the scientific method, and so the validity of his work is generally accepted by the scientific community. Compared to the scientist, the artist has much more freedom in his choice of subjects, means and methods in his depiction of the outside world, or, more precisely, in expressing his personal relationship with the outside world. At the same time, art also has its rules and its language, which is different from the language of science. And indeed, at Cabri each one spoke in his own language, and an effort was needed to bridge the linguistic gap so that one could understand the other. These were days of mutual contemplation and learning from one another in a spirit of curiosity and mutual respect.”…

Professor Hanoch Guttfreund (from the „Art and Brain“ art book)

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