Ester Haya


Painter, etching creater, installation artist, writer and poet

1941              Born in Jerusalem

1998, 2000, 2005, 2008, 2011, Artist- in residence’ La Cité des Arts, Paris

2004              Visitor Fellowship in Oxford Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Yarinton

Lives and works in Jerusalem 


Selected solo exhibitions

1999              “Vision of a Kingdom”, etchings, Jerusalem Theater

1999              “For there is in scent entrance to love”, an installation, the Art Gallery Memorial Center Kireyat Tivon

2001              “Permutation” Nora Gallery Jerusalem

2002              “Permutations”, Caracteres Gallery Paris

2006              “An egg of rejoicing, an egg of oblivion the wheel of fortune goes round” Installation, Jerusalem Artists House

2007              “Fields of the soul”- Etchings. Nora Gallery, Jerusalem

2007-2008    “My Light and my Honey” Installation

                       “The spirit of the olive, The fine oil”  Installation

                       “Come to my garden Play my wine” Instalation,  Ashdod Museum

2008              The dance of the moon and its sanctify

2010              The burning spirit in the secrets of the body

2011              Calligraphy on paper made by the artist  


Selected Group exhibitions

2000              "A picture of a situation" Jerusalem Artists House

2002              “Local Art”, The Israel Museum Jerusalem

2002              “The Boundaries of Sculpture,” The Open Museum in Omer

2002              “Trace Contemporary Drawing in Israel” Jerusalem Artists House

2002-2003    “Food in Art: a Matter of Taste”, The Israel Museum Jerusalem, The Youth Wing

2003              "6th Triennale mondiale Chamalières France”, ice boxes from Germany, (a poem and an art work) The Israel Museum Jerusalem

2004-2005    "Traces Contemporary Drawing in Israel” Artists House Jerusalem

2007              “On a Small Scale” Jerusalem Print Workshop

2007              “The alchemists” The New Gallery Jerusalem

2008              "Small dimension" Nora Gallery, Jerusalem

2009              "Jerusalem Surface Fractures Jerusalem Artist House

2010-2011    "The Fourth Biennale for Drawing inIsrael, Traces, Caught in the Thicket

2011              "Piyyut' emotion and thought" Beit Avi Chai Jerusalem.  Curator Yoel Gilinsky 


Artists book (Poem and six etchings, in Hebrew and French) that she created at the print workshop in Jerusalem can be found in collections in Berkeley and Harvard Universities in the United States. 

Her work can be found in the collection of the Jewish Museum in Copenhagen, as well as in other collections in Israel and throughout the world 


2002              ”I placed them in the secret niches of history”, An artist book, Poem and six etchings, Hebrew and French Translated into French by Ester Orner, (Myrhaf)

2007              “In the narrow great circle of the new born moon”, An artist book, poem and six etching, Hebrew and English, Translated by Shira Tversky-Kessel 



1997              catalogue, “vision of a kingdom”

1999              catalogue, “For there is in scent entrance to love”

2001              catalogue, “Permutations”

2003              "Tableau poétique, Poem visual" Translated by Yael Armanet- Chernobroda, Continnum2 2003-2004


Prizes and Scholarships

1988              Kugel Prize (prose) Holon

1989              Work Grant for Literature and Art, Tel Aviv foundation (prose)

1995              Tschernikhovsky Prize (Poetry), writers’ Association, Tel aviv

2003              Prize of the prime minister in litrertiore (prose and poetry)

2004              Visitor Fellowship in Oxford Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Yarinton

2008              The Jerusalem  Ish Shalom Prize of art

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