Helfman Michal


Born 1973, Tel-Aviv, Israel 
Lives and Works in Tel-Aviv 
Teacher of the BFA and MFA program of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
1994-98 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem
1996 School of Visual Arts, NY - Students Exchange Program
Awards and Scholarship
2009 Ministry of Culture Award
2001 Young Artist Prize Ministry of Culture
1998 Premium in Final Project
1998 Anselm Kiefer Prize, The Wolf Foundation
Solo Exhibitions
2016 "Running out of history” KW Berlin
2015 “I’m so broke I can’t pay attention” K. period gallery NY
2013 "Change", CCA Tel Aviv
2012 "Experiments in Techniques of Awakenings," Yaffo 23, Jerusalem
2010 "Doctor Doctor", Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2009 "The Lesson", Cardi Black Box, Milan
                "The Lesson", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel-Aviv
2008 "Mekomon", Public Lobby for Art TLV, Tel-Aviv
2007 "Bat Dor", Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2003 "Cochav Yair", Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
2002 Institute of Visual Arts, University of Wiskonsin
2001 Institute of Visual Art, San Francisco
1999 "Iris", The Herzlyia Museum of Art
1998 "God'amn This DJ, Make My Day", The Midrasha Gallery of Art, Tel Aviv
Group Exhibitions
2016 "Conditions of Political Choreography" NBK Berlin, CCA Tel-Aviv
2015 Tel Aviv museum show in Martin Gropius Bau Berlin
2014 "Bitcoin" Eli Ping Frances Perkin gallery NY
2013 "Anti, Anti" Tel Aviv University Museum
                Special project with Anna Rothlisberger Dance Company
                "Mythographies," Yaffo 23, Jerusalem
2012 Israel Museum Collection of Israeli Art
2011 Backerstasse 4, Viena
                Tel-Aviv Museum Collection of Contemporarry Art
                Art TLV and the Herzlyia Biennial
2010 "jaffa Cakes Tlv", London
                "A Duet for A Boy and A Flame", Herzelia museum
                Ein-Harod Museum Collection at Mani House, Tel-Aviv
2009 Israel Museum Collection at Mani House, Tel-Aviv
                "Wild Exaggeration" Haifa Museum of Art, haifa
2008 Van Leer Museum, Jerusalem
                ART TLV - public lobby
                "Real Time-Art in Israel 98-08", The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
                "The Colony", Museum of Art, Ein Harod
2007 "Umanut ha'aretz 6"
                "Rear", The Herzlyia Museum of Art
                "The Invisible Snake Show", Sommer Contemporary Art,Tel-Aviv
                "Art Focus", Curator Ori Desau
2005 "Mafnum", The Herzlyia Museum of Art
2004 "Romantica", Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv
                "Don't Touch the White Woman", Curator Francesco Bonnami, Fondazione Sandretto, Italy
                "Art is", New York
2003 "Dreams and Conflicts", curated by Francesco Bonami, The 50th Venice Biennial, Venice, Italy
2002 La Riviera, Curator Jerome Sanse, Madrid
                "Aspis" Kalisher Gallery, Curator Yael Bergstein
2001 LISTE 2001, Basel, Switzerland
2000 "Platforma", Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv
                "A Long Lion", Curator Guy Ben-Ner, Peer-Hamidrasha
1999 "Autocream", ArtFocus,Curator Kaspar Koenig, Sultans Pool Jerusalem

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