Zilberman Shay


1976                Born in Israel
                         Lives and Works in Tel Aviv, Israel
1998-2002      DNSAP Bachelor with honors, Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris
2003                Fashion Design Department, Royal Academy Antwerp


Solo Exhibitions 

2017                Crystal (with Naama Hadani), Oranim College Art Gallery, Tivon, Curator: Tali Cohen Garbuz

2016                Garden Shadow, The Liebling Center, Tel Aviv, Curator: Nirith Nelson

                         Collages, Moral Dufler Gallery, Wizo Haifa, Curator: Hanna Shaviv

                         End Paper, (with Aviv Lichter), Vitrina Gallery, HIT, Holon, Curator: Dana Arieli

2015                Men Emptying Content, Nekudat Maga Festival, Israel Museum, Artistic Director: Renana Raz

                         True to Original, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary, Art Curator: Tal Bechler

2014                Eternal Afternoon Nap, Inga Gallery, Tel aviv

2012                Eye Contact, with Uri Gershuni, Inga Gallery, Tel Aviv

                         Self Portrait with Feather, Haifa museum of Art
2011                Zo la Zo (One to Another), with Gala Weizman, Alfred Gallery
2010                The Sleeping, Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art
                         Three, Site specific installation at the Minshar Foyer, Tel Aviv
2008                Twinkling, Yair Gallery, Tel Aviv
2004                The Heart Project [installation and performance], Sunrise Square, Antwerp
2003                Happy Ends, Factor 44 Gallery, Antwerp
2001                The Suit, Installation in collaboration with the Braille Translation Association, Paris
                         La Robe [performance], Presented at: Nous n’irons pas a Avignon, Vitry sur Siene, France, Dance-Box Festival, Bertin Poiree cultural center, Paris, Nadine Nieszawer Gallery, Paris
Group Exhhibitions
2013                In Search of a Perfect Lover #2, Inga Gallery, Tel Aviv
                         The Ready Made Centennial, Haifa Museum of Art
2012                Open Closed Open, Benyamin Gallery
                         First Friday After, Ramat Gan Museum for Israeli Art
2011                Borderline, Dana Gallery, Kibbutz Yad Mordechai
2010                Completely Not Serene, HaAgaf Gallery, Haifa
                         Talking Heads, Yair Gallery, Tel Aviv
2009                MonoChrome, Levontin 7 Club, Tel Aviv
                         Engendered, LGBT Community Center, Tel Aviv
2008                The Spirit of Things, Yair Gallery, Tel Aviv
2005                iso, Factor 44 Gallery, Antwerp
2004                Ijaya, Ben Uri Gallery, London
                         Unique Sensationelle, Factor 44 Gallery, Antwerp
2003                Premier Vue, Passage de Retz, Paris
                         Pas n’importe ou just à cote, The Cordeliers Monastery, Paris A multitude 
                         of peronalized deviation, Factor 44 Gallery, Antwerp
2002                Tissus, Jardin, Trames et Liens, The Castle at Moutiers Forest, Varengeville sur Mer



2016                Artis Directed Grant
2015-2016      Artist-Teacher Grant, Council for Culture and Art
2014                Project Grant, Israeli Loterry Council for Culture and Art
2011                Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation for the Arts, Tel Aviv
2006                Excellent Artist Grant, the Ministry of Emigration, Israel
2004                Project Grant, the Antwerp Municipality
2001                Alliance Israel Universal, Paris 

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