Farah - Kufer Biriim Hanna


Palestinian artist, architect, and independent builder
Born in Algish Village
Live and work in Tel Aviv–Jaffa and Kufer Biriim
2001-2002       Bachelor of Architecture, Architecture Department, WIZO College of Design, Haifa
1996-2001       Bachelor of Science, WIZO College of Design, Haifa
1988-1996       Certified Art Teacher, Art Teacher Diploma Program, WIZO College of Design, Haifa
1988                 Preservation Specialist, Italy
1983-1984       Leadership course for Arab and Jewish youth
Solo Shows
2010                Re: Form a model, Hanna Farah- Kufr Birim, Zochrot Gallery, Tel Aviv- Jaffa
Selected Group Shows                      
2011                Towards Return of Palestinian Refugees, Zochrot Gallery, Tel Aviv- Jaffa 
2010                Stop Making Sense, Oslo, Oslo Kunstforening/Oslo Fine Art Society 
2009                For the tree of the field is man's life, Espace culturel Memoire de I'Avenir, Paris
                         The Thousand and One Nights, Postmasters Gallery, NYC, NY
                         Landsc®ape: Representation Matrixes, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Petach Tikva
2008                Correspondence Contemporary Arab Artists, Revealing another Reality, The Museum for Islamic Art, Jerusalem
                         The Jerusalem show, Al Ma'mal Foundation for Contemporary Art, Jerusalem
                         Prizes in Art and Design from the Ministry of Science' Culture and Sport, 2007, Haifa Museum of Art
2007                Temporally, The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon
                         Wanderings in the Print Space, The Print Workshop, Jerusalem
                         Desert Generation, The Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv
                         See Not\ Fear Not, Umm el- Fahem Art Gallery, Umm el- Fahem
2006                Bread, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
                         Mini Israel, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
                         Biogrphies, Six Solo Exhibitions, Hagar Art Gallery, Jaffa
2005                Play- Ground, ‘Beit Hagefen’ The Arab-Jewish Center, Haifa
2004                Utopia, ‘Beit Hagefen’ The Arab-Jewish Center, Haifa
‏2003                Officespace: Art on Site 2, 16 Ha Arba’ah Street, Tel Aviv
2003                Israeli Object - A Matter of Time, Artists’ House, Jerusalem; Science Museum, Haifa
2003                Black/White, Beit Hagefen, Haifa; Artists’ House, Jerusalem; Science Museum, Haifa
2003                The Situation Now - the book, 40 authors’ and artists’ perspective on the current events in Israel, Kinneret Publication
2003                Platform Against the War, Jaffa Cultural Center, Jaffa
2003                Young Graduates/Veteran Graduates, The New Gallery, WIZO College of Design, Haifa
2001                Improvisation, The Escola Design Gallery, Tel Aviv
2000                Israeli Design, Ganei Hata’arucha [Exhibition Grounds], Tel Aviv
1998                The Shadow, The Ministry of Culture and Education, Jerusalem
2009                Men in the Sun, (co\curator with Tal Ben Zvi), Herzelia Museum for Contemporary Art, Herzelia
2006                Five Tales, (Curators with Khalid Hourani), Umm el- Fahem Art Gallery
2005                Habusha (The Shame) - Interdisciplinary project, The Israeli Center of Digital Art, Holon, Tamra Gallery, Tamra
Prizes and grant
2007                Prize to Encourage Creativity, The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
                         Guest Artist at the Jerusalem Print Workshop
2003                Pais Lottery grant for Kufer Birim Project

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